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Human Generated

Content, products, arts, decisions, and/or services created entirely by humans without any AI assistance. This classification includes human interaction with tools, systems, and/or programs where humans manipulate the tool, system, and/or program to create an outcome specific to the actions/abilities of the human.




Content, products, arts. decisions, and/or services primarily created by humans but with the help of AI tools. AI assists in tasks such as research, ideation, or optimization. This classification represents a collaboration between human and AI capabilities, with humans maintaining control over the final output/decision.


Human Reviewed

Content, products, arts, decisions, and/or services primarily created by AI algorithms, with humans reviewing and editing the output. This classification emphasizes the efficiency and scalability of AI, while retaining human oversight for quality control and/or final submission.




Content, products, arts, decisions, and/or services created entirely by AI algorithims without human intervention. This classification highlights the power of AI to generate high-quality outputs autonomously. This classification includes the human deployment of AI platfroms to automate and execute specific tasks without the human interaction after initial deployment. 


Our mission is to promote responsible AI development and deployment, foster transparency, and ensure that AI technologies serve the best interests of society while enhancing human potential, safety, and well-being. We collaborate with experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to create ethical guidelines, standards, and policies that help navigate the challenges and harness the opportunities presented by AI, always with humanity at the forefront.

AI Categories

Curious about the different categories of AI-generated content and the value they bring to various industries? Dive into the fascinating world of AI and human collaboration, where we break down the four main categories: 1) Human Generated, 2) Human Generated – AI Assisted, 3) AI Generated – Human Reviewed, and 4) AI Generated. Click below to explore our in-depth guide on these AI categories, their unique characteristics, and their impact on the future of content creation.

AI Detection

Are you interested in learning more about AI detection and its role in identifying AI-generated content, deepfakes, and other AI-driven manipulations? Dive into the world of AI detection and discover how cutting-edge technology is helping protect the integrity of information and uphold ethical standards. Click below to explore our comprehensive guide on AI detection, its applications, and its importance in today’s digital landscape.


AI By The Numbers

AI adoption was prevalent across various industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, automotive, manufacturing, and agriculture. The applications of AI were diverse, ranging from natural language processing and computer vision to predictive analytics and autonomous systems


Market Participation


Global Market


By 2030

Impact Studies

Explore our collection of Impact Studies, where we delve into the tangible effects of AI on various industries and aspects of society. These in-depth analyses reveal the transformative power of AI and demonstrate how its responsible development and deployment can drive innovation, efficiency, and positive change. From healthcare and education to finance and cybersecurity, our Impact Studies offer valuable insights into the real-world applications and outcomes of AI, highlighting both its potential benefits and challenges. Discover the stories that illustrate the true impact of AI on our world.

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Business / Corporate

Businesses play a crucial role in shaping the AI ecosystem. Partner with the AI Commission to advance responsible AI practices, foster innovation, and help create a world where technology enhances human potential, safety, and well-being.


Are you passionate about AI and its potential to transform our world for the better? We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds to share their knowledge, skills, and ideas. Join us in promoting ethical AI development and ensuring that AI serves humanity’s best interests.